Geoff’s Open Garden


Saturday 14 December 2019 at 10.30
Eltham South

Geoff has kindly offered to open up his garden to NERP for a walk, talk and learn session. Here are the details for a visit to his 3/4 acre garden in Eltham South.

My garden is on a three-quarter-acre block in Eltham South. We moved here five years ago . Block is a quite sloping from front rising up to the back. Previous owners had been there for 40 years and was run down and overgrown with Pittosporum ,cotoneaster, brooms ,ash ,cherry plums, prickly pear, wondering jew, morning glory ,huge pine trees and hundreds of cactuses. When it rained, water ran like a torrent over the poor Eltham soil down to the road and away with very little being retained on site. I have tried to create as many level areas as possible and divert water run off from house and land through creek beds and pond holding areas. Large retaining walls have been made mainly from rock gabion construction but concrete was used in the vegetable garden area. We have chickens, bees and a developing vegetable garden in garden beds and wicking beds and many fruit trees. Vegetables are also grown in a hot house with a hydroponic set up. I try to recycle materials rather than throw out. My garden has been overhauled in stages and have planted out over 1500 plants with still many more to go.

You can book a visit to Geoff’s garden via TryBooking until 5pm on the Friday 13th December.

To book, please go to:

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