Pam’s Spring Garden 2019


Sunday 22nd September, 10.30–12.30
Diamond Creek

Pam is opening her garden to close scrutiny whilst the orchard is in blossom and before the leaves hide the form of the trees. We will spend most of the time discussing various pruning methods including cordon, espalier and Spanish bush. We will also have a look at some grafting – some new and some a couple of years old (and already producing fruit) and discuss various methods. No doubt there will be some weeds around that we can identify and perhaps find uses for. We might even have a taste of some in a frittata or sip some in a tea. If you have time to linger, feel free to bring a plate of finger food to help celebrate the beginning of the new growing season. Excess produce for swapping is welcome.

Book via Trybooking. Numbers are limited to 12.