Pam’s Garden


Sunday 28 April, 10am – 12pm.
Host: Pam Jenkins, Diamond Creek

5 acre block on the edge of Diamond Creek. The gardened area is less than an acre.We moved here 15 years ago and have spent all that time working to create an oasis out of a wind swept weedy desert with very little natural topsoil as well as some gum trees and other species that take nutrients and water from the plants I try to grow.

The garden has a variety of zones – there are indigenous native plants along the front border, hybrid and showy natives closer to the house then a dry cottage garden and more moist garden along either side of the path along the front of the house. I have integrated edible flowers, perennial vegetables and insectaries into the cottage gardens.

To the east of the house is the productive area. Starting at the top there is a row of wicking beds made from re-purposed vessels for annual vegetables along a path towards the chook shed which is also a re-purposed building. The perennial garden is directly to the east of the house along with a peach, nectarine and lemon tree – remnants of the old garden.

Further down the hill is a citrus area, below that a berry area with a lower border of pear trees. Parallel to that is a border of espaliered apples, a pear, a “Spanish Bush” pruned Stella cherry tree, passionfruit, asparagus, fig and pepino. To the north of the house is a separate small productive mixed garden. As well as vegetables, insectary plants and herbs, there are mushrooms and some medicinal herbs.

I can talk a lot about “What could possibly go wrong” and a variety of mistakes made along the way!

Thanks to Nicole for the extra images:


Garden beds made from old baths



the cool store, including drying persimmons



Native wallaby grass

Virginia’s Garden


Sun 14 April, 12.30 pm
Starting with a potluck lunch (bring a plate), followed by a garden tour

Virginia has been practicing permaculture for many years and hers is an inspiring example of what is possible! This event starts with a potluck lunch at 12.30 (bring a plate), followed by a garden tour. Sprawling outer suburban garden with many fruit trees, chicken system, enclosed veggie garden, and interesting examples of permaculture practice including water and energy systems. Large deck and outdoor kitchen with pizza oven.

This event is right after the Permaculture Australia AGM, which some of you might be going to anyway. In any case, there will most likely be additional people joining us for the Potluck lunch and tour who are members of Permaculture Australia.

To book, please go to TryBooking.

We encourage attendees to make a gold coin donation at events. Any funds raised will be banked for the purpose of running future NERP events such as workshops with a paid presenter.