Home Harvest Picnic


Mar 31st (sun) from 4pm-8pm.
Edendale Environment Farm

NERP people are going to gather together for their picnic, hope you can join us

Booking form: https://localfoodconnect.org.au/event/home-harvest-feastival/?instance_id=97905

Lucinda’s Garden


Mar 23rd (Sat) at 4pm – 6pm.
Host: Lucinda Flynn, Hurstbridge

Lucinda’s garden “Home Patch” is the result of a 14 year love of permaculture and offers a surprise in every corner.

On a standard 1/4 acre residential block in Hurstbridge, Home Patch is a great example of the productivity that can achieved in a small ‘urban’ space.

You will see densely and very diversely planted veggie gardens, mainly in above ground container gardens such as baths (due to gum trees). There are 23 kinds of fruit trees, 14 kind of berries & vines, 11 kinds of perennial vegetables (including some water plants), and 16 varieties of herbs. In true Permaculture style, the fruit trees, bushes, veggies, herbs and flowers are intermingled so that it is sometimes hard to know where one ends and the other begins. But there is always something to pick, if you know where to look!

There is an orchard, compost bays, weed tea, a small heavy-duty fox proof chook shed, recycled car tyre retaining walls, water gardens, a grey water diversion system, solar hot water, solar PV and if interested, Lucinda can explain some of the other energy efficiency aspects of the home.

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Julie’s Garden


Mar 16th (Sat) at 11am – 1pm.
Host: Julie Jay, Hurstbridge

Event description:
18 acres of pasture and bush in Hurstbridge, with a valley running through the middle. We have two orchards (one netted and fox-proof for poultry, one newly planted), raised vegie beds, perennial food garden, native ornamental gardens, greenhouse and seed propagation areas, bathtub worm farms, multiple composting bays.

We keep cows for beef, mowing and manure using a rotational grazing system. I also breed poultry for food and for sale, so we have good infrastructure for geese, Muscovy ducks, chooks and quail, including a barn set up with permanent poultry housing, and a chicken tractor with mobile fencing for out in the paddocks. We have three bee hives for our own honey needs. We’ve designed the property in line with permaculture principles so have good examples of zoning, water collection and storage, house orientation, solar power, heatpump hot water, integration of animals and plants etc. At the moment, we’re doing a small renovation on our guesthouse using Australian-made, recycled, repurposed or eco-materials where possible, so happy to run through options for sourcing/choosing materials if anyone’s interested.

Re skills/knowledge to share: anything to do with poultry! Breeding, hatching, raising, or processing birds for meat or eggs. We have poultry processing days a few times a year, so if anyone were interested in growing their own meat birds, they could come along and see what’s involved. Lots of skills in growing and preserving: jams, sauces, kefir, yoghurt, bread, pickled everything. I often grow and preserve too much, so am more than happy to share the surplus.


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Thanks very much to Julie and Robin for hosting and to Julie and Peta for the documentary images.