No Jokes, No pictures, Just NERP News!!

Ok, so Vera and I have been working like ferrets to bring this year of NERP to an end with a bang, and to set up opportunities for next year’s programme.

So what have we found out!!
Hold on to your britches me darlings, I am about to tell ya!!
Green festival Edendale Farm
Guess what!! I got more emails about cancelling the event than putting it on!!  I would like to say a HUGE thanks to BEN who covered this event for us, with all his personal and professional commitments, just fantastic, thank you!!   I, for one, was sad I was unable to get to Edendale Farm to help Ben through the day.  I did get there for 6.30 am, as that was the time I was given to start getting set up. YEP!! arrived looking committed and able!  Billy no-mates I was!! Thanks to everyone who went along to help Ben!
I had a lovely chat to the other stall holders though, and was humbled that stalls had lots of volunteers and most seemed to be NERP members too.  I had a long think about this.  I thought about how many members had responded to NERPs appeal for support on the day and wondered what we needed to do to engage people in the work of supporting NERP in the community.  One thing I noticed at the AGM for PcM is that most of the groups are doing lots of community work within their community.  NERP doesn’t do that, and I feel that is right.  We are a skills and knowledge base group and that is a good thing.
What I have noticed is the increase in permaculture talks, teachings and gatherings that are not under the umbrella of NERP, but a group or an individual enterprize.  I have noticed for a while that there is demand for Permaculture teaching in our catchment, and have found it interesting how this is evolving in our area.  This is a discussion we, as members, must have.  I am not saying we own the right to teach permaculture, but we definitely should be at the table!
So I have done a little research and I have come up with an idea!!!! Da Da Darrrrrr.  Yes I have!!! Want to know about it?  Good, I am going to tell you in a separate posting!!! 
READ THIS!!!  Thanks NERPie B… I liked it!!


This year we have two more events left!! One is the Food Forest, in November,

Some stuff we could be looking at!!!

  • Forest Ecology and Forest mimicking
  • Understanding forest dynamics and succession
  • Resource sharing guilds
  • Mutual support guilds
  • Forest garden pattern language
  • Site Analysis and Assessment
  • Forest Garden design basics
  • Garden design
The last is a 3 B’s Christmas party in December.  Flyers coming !!!  
It’s looking good!!! Our membership is up, our email base is up.  Vera and I have been touching base with lots of groups and looking at connecting with our wider community.  We have lots of great things we can do next year, and I would like to list em and talk about em. I would like to have a comprehensive look at NERP and what you would like us to put on…. We can do this at our  3 B’s Christmas Permablitz party in December!!!  Want to know more, good, I shall tell you in a separate posting!!
Yahoo groups.  I will continue to promote moving over to ESPG yahoo discussion group.  You will get reminders and I will be blogging it regularly.  Here is what you need to do.  Remember, you have to be in it to win it!!!!!
First you sign up, this is what Maree has to say…
People can request to join the group directly from the Yahoo page –  and then have me send them an invitation. 
If they go to :
and click on Join Group button (purple button)
This will initiate a request to join the group, which I then can approve.


Book review…. well NERPie B has suggested this one!!!
He is a little gem NERPie B, so take a look, he knows his stuff!!!
I would really like to put an event on, and at one stage it  looked really promising.  I am looking to find a group who regularly work with ferrets or shoot rabbits, so we can invite them to do a workshop.  I am determined.  So if you can help, let me know, as every lead so far has been a dead end.  I have some calls to follow up next week, so I am ever hopeful!!!


I wanted to say a great BIG thanks to you all for responding to my call to help at the AGM.  I can tell you the Motion ….
     That Trunk identifies the amount of accumulated uncommitted funds in its accounts at 30th June 2012 and makes this available for sharing pro-rata among all Local Groups based on membership numbers averaged over the five years 30th June 2008 to 30th June 2012.    
was defeated, so I am told……  I think it was interesting though and would love to have heard what the debate was!!  From all sides…. It really got people engaged, and that is a good thing!! SO THANK YOU!!! I will forward the rest of the AGM details in the next blog..
Here are some of the AGM minutes, but not all, we over run and they have fixed another date to finish!!

Just a quick interim report on the Annual General Meeting held yesterday, 13thOct 2013.In short, there was a lot to get through and not enough time.

The following items were all completed successfully:-
Minutes from previous meeting
Annual report 2012-2013
Presentation of local group and special interest group reports
Membership report
Financial report
Permaculture Australia report and the
Report on the strategic review.

The new constitution was debated and then held over.
Special Business items 10 A and 10 C were held over.
Special Business item 10 B was put to the members without amendment and failed.

The committee positions were then dissolved and elections held, chaired by Petra Kahle, resulting in the following:-

President – Warwick B
Vice President – Mal B
Secretary – Jo Mc
Treasurer – Debra F
Ordinary Members – Milica F & Bob Mc

The meeting was then adjourned to Sunday 17th Nov @ 1:00 PM.

Full minutes of the AGM will be compiled and distributed as per usual after theAGM has been reconvened and concluded on the 17th November.
On behalf of everybody I would like to express my thanks to Sarah G for her excellent work as Vice and then Acting President over the last 12 months. Onya Sarah!
Warwick  – President PcM

That is it at the mo, no pictures, no jokes, no nothing, why… cos this is my 4th attempt at posting a blog and the humour left me!!!!!!
Cheers me dears