Good evening, I am your NERP convenor, and here is News at NERP
NERP Convenor’s have entered a Parsnip Beauty Pageant for Permie Queens.
This has proved popular amongst our NERPie community, which has led to a shortage of Parsnips. The UN has been notified and the situation is being monitored. ALL Food Swap stations are on Red Alert.  No Parsnips have been hurt during this broadcast.

News at NERP can reveal that the NERP community has been invited to join ESPG discussion group. NERP has issued a warning to all members  that there maybe more than 3 members already on this site which could result in an actual discussion!!! To prepare the NERP community for this ordeal, the convenors have agreed to send all NERPies an email to tell you all about our invite to ESPG Discussion group. Support groups have been set up to support individual members of the NERP community through the signing up process and ease them into this golden opportunity.

NERP NEWS can REPORT Undercover agent ‘Mary’ whose real name is Robyn has been stealing from a recently planted “PLANTER BOX” in the other wise crime free town of Eltham. WANTED POSTERS have been put up around the town.  If spotted, pls do not approach MARY as she is highly dangerous when carrying  asparagus and is happy to lob broccoli at passers by.  Full report of the planting of the planter box in Eltham can be found on the Local Food Connect website.

Here are some pictures sent in by Mary (Robyn).


This concludes the NERP NEWS…..NEXT … Any other business of NERPS
Some stuff we could be looking at!!!

  • Forest Ecology and Forest mimicking
  • Understanding forest dynamics and succession
  • Resource sharing guilds
  • Mutual support guilds
  • Forest garden pattern language
  • Site Analysis and Assessment
  • Forest Garden design basics
  • Garden design

NERP Noticeboard

Dear Members of Permaculture Melbourne,

You are invited to join us for the Annual General Meeting of Permaculture Melbourne on Sunday October 13 from 2 pm to 4 pm at Borderlands, the Augustine Centre, 2 Minona Street, Hawthorn. Victoria, 3122. If you cannot attend and would still like to vote of the motions that will be presented please note that you can appoint a proxy to vote for you. If you wish to appoint a proxy please note the following: Each member is entitled to appoint another member as a proxy by notice given to the Secretary no later than 24 hours before the time of the meeting in respect of which the proxy is appointed. The notice appointing the proxy must be in the form set out in Appendix 3.

This form is available from NERP (

Please bring a plate for afternoon tea if you can.

The AGM will have a “Permie swap” as a concurrent event: Everyone is invited to bring some of their surplus harvest, plants, seeds, seedlings and recipes.

Representatives of Local Groups and SIGs will have a brief time to show us some of the highlights of their year. Looking forward to seeing what Permaculture Melbourne through its local groups have done throughout the year.

See you all then. Please RSVP to if you are coming. If you cannot email, please feel free to come anyway. See you all on the 13th.


Jo McLeay

Secretary Permaculture Melbourne


Perm-apiculture Beekeeping Group, a part of Permaculture Melbourne (PcM), offers a beekeeping training course. The course targets beginners and aims to provide sufficient information to let the participants start natural beekeeping. Permaculture Melbourne promotes Natural Beekeeping, where the wellbeing of the bees is no less important than the honey yield. Natural Beekeeping is simple, low cost and low effort – perfectly suited for small scale backyard beekeeping. It is a style of beekeeping that is in tune with nature – beekeeping with happy bees and happy beekeepers.

The course will take place over two days, with four x one hour different information sessions each day. At the end of each day there will be a Q&A session. Hands-on sessions will give actual exposure to beekeeping equipment and the course will offer demonstrations of typical hive manipulations and some honey tasting.
Dates: 29 September and 6th October (both days are Sundays)
Times: 10AM – 4PM inc tea breaks (provided) and a lunch break (byo lunch).
Cost: $250 non PcM members, $200 PcM members, payable upfront.
Location: Mitcham. Actual address will be notified on confirmation of payment.
Octber (both days are Sundays)
Pls contact The Bee Group for payment details

Hi All,  a couple of months back there was a March against Monsanto,  some of you may have gone.    Marches were in many cities, Melbourne’s had something like 5000-8000 attended (my guesstimate), took up 2 city blocks when they marched but amazingly had zero coverage in mainstream media. 
Before the event the organisers had asked for a speaker from the Permaculture movement and I sent a request out on the PcM list but no-one took up the request.  In the end I spoke and it was most definitely an amazing experience.  Now there’s another march being scheduled and they asking again for a permie speaker –  I’d not wanting to do it again so please if you are involved with seeds and have passion to speak please contact Tanya at
Anyone interested to talk about what happened last time is welcome to contact me.  
thanking you, all the best  
John McKenzie


October 20 NERP @ Practically Green Festival
Ben writes…. about the stall at the Practically Green Festival…… with the Fix-It! stand I am organising. It can be a NERP initiative. I will put up the NERP Banner so we OWN it. Then we can be seen as not just gardening. Can you put out to all NERPies that I will be the coordinator and if anybody wants to be involved then they are welcome.

There are three of us so far, a leather worker a blacksmith and a woodworker/ garden tool repair. I know a sewer wants to sit with us also. Steve with his plants I expect also. We have been given the shelter at the back of the meeting room, north east corner, so lots of space.


The Chikukwa Project Documentary Film Premiere
with presentations by David Holmgren & John SeedWednesday 25th September
Doors open 7:00pm for 7:30pm
Van Raay Centre,  Ceres,   Brunswick

Film Premiere
a documentary by Terry Leahy & Gillian Leahy
This fifty minute film tells the story of an amazing permaculture project which has been working in Zimbabwe for 22 years. Where once the 7000 people of the Chikukwa villages suffered hunger and malnutrition, this community has turned its fortunes around using permaculture farming techniques. Now they have an abundance of food and their degraded landscape has been turned into a lush paradise. Gillian Leahy and Terry Leahy (the film makers) will be present to answer questions about the film and the project.

Hiding!! But not for long, this is what us NERPies have been up to!

So it has been a while since you have heard from US, we haven’t forgotten you, we have just been very busy and important !! ; + )  Oh humour me, it’s been one of those months, where you can’t see the woods for the trees and every time you get on with it, life reminds you to sit for a while… so we have been pondering!!

This blog will cover:

  • Nerp August event
  • Food Forest on the 17th Nov,
  • Nicole Foss podcast,
  • Kidney Bean Cake!!
  • NERP noticeboard!

Firstly,  I have amused myself this month by creating the most beautiful newsletter, highlighting our fantastic day with the Nerpies on August 18th, looking at Aquaponic Systems and unusual fruit trees for Melbourne Climates.  Three times I did it! Three times and every time I went to send it to you guys, it re-vamped itself into a page of code!! Impressed?  I was!! SOOOO to fool Maud (Maud is the name of my computer) I let her think she has gotten the better of me and then ‘bingo’, when the little blighter isn’t looking, I will blog about our joyous event and thus smugly, fulfilling my role as convenor!  Yes!! Smart I hear you cry, I thank you and take a bow!

So, in a slightly hushed typed voice let me fill ya in on the 18th August.

First we dug up a weed, that is dormant in the summer and comes to life in the winter. It has these tubes, that you can’t eat or do anything with them.  If left it just spreads everywhere!  I liked doing that there digging, it were rite fun!  Here are some pic’s
Image Image

Then we had a lovely snack break, with homemade yummies... I LOVE the food gathering of NERP, seriously, one of me fav things about getting together is the food we share!!
Below is a choker and it’s root is a tube, that you can eat apparently (I have never seen it before so it was all new to me!)  The choker created a GROAN from the group, something about it not being a great thing to eat… but our host soon put us right with the pickled choker he happened to have made earlier!! OOOOOOOO me dears, DELICIOUS !! Have a look-c ..

Image  Image
Then we spoke about all things ‘chicken, duck and sheep!’
Image  Image  Image

Then we discuss all things Yabbie , fish and toxic car tyres!! 

Then we had grub, jeeze me dears it was so yummie.  We all sat around the table and gobbled up the lovely homemade food and chatted about all things permie!! It’s the time where you really learn about stuff!  I love it!

Then, we were taken to the magic land of growing stuff!

Image Image  Image

Our host Nerpie, Mr O is at his very best when he is walking and talking.  He has such a fantastic knowledge base and you just learn so much from him.

Image  Image  Image

He recycles too!!  The fridge was left outside his house and now holds plants and the spa is going to house fish!!

Image  Image

NEXT events : NERP Meetings 2013


The Permaculture Podcast with Scott Mann
Nicole Foss is interviewed on the permaculture podcast with Scott Mann.   NERPie B sent me this link and I loved hearing what she had to say.. Nicole loves Permies and see’s US as a positive and possible solution to making better choices and righting the ‘wrongs’.  Stuart writes…
My guest for this episode is Nicole Foss, a lecturer and writer who tackles issues of financial and energy collapse, and provides a vision for the future to make any eventual fall less severe for those who prepare. Her goals for each of us go beyond just the self and include our communities.
ENJOY!!  You need an hour, so make a cuppa, chillax and soak it up!!
17TH NOV Contact to book your seat!
Getting excited!
Well here are some articles on Food Forest from to keep you interested!!
(Don’t bother with the icing!)
I had some of this cake at the weekend when I was on a training course for Transition Town.  It was so nice!! Here is another web page that offers a similar recipe!
Fab-Tab me dears!!  NERPie Mr O has some stuff for sale:
140  tomato plants for sale ( about 20 of each variety ) $2.00 each
Varieties :-
Kotlas – red , very early
Peruvian sugar lump – very sweet red cherry , tall growing
Tigerella – red with orange stripes , medium size , very productive
Big Yellow – large yellow , long season
Italian Plum–  Large flat slicing tomato
Olomovic-a prolific producer of small to medium, red globe shaped fruit to 150g.
Jaunne Flamme-This old French variety gives early crops of apricot-coloured,  fruits the size of a golf ball or slightly larger.  It is a fabulous fresh-eating tomato with an explosive, intense flavour
NERPie D has sent the update for Bell St!  Thank you!
On 27 August 2013, the Bell St Masterplan was approved by Council.
A big thank you to everyone involved in what was a real team effort.

Download the masterplan at