30 year old Food Forest

NERP Free FOOD FOREST WORKSHOP is being held on the 17th November! I thought this video about a 30 year old Food Forest was worth posting!!!! Contact nerpermaculture @ gmail.com to book your seat!

Planning ahead for next year,  I have been calling up NERP members to  help plot our events for 2014.  If I haven’t called you yet, I am on it…. I have been asking for your ideas, thoughts and feedback, and collecting your skills and what you want to share.

One of the things that comes up a lot is netting our fruit trees.  I think this could be a topic  for next year!!  But I thought I would show you a video from the Food Forest website http://www.foodforest.com.au/ about netting and share  a picture from one of our NERPies  J, who has her poles and pipes in place ready!!

permie pictures 004

The Food Forest website also have this fantastic article on reintroducing the Bettong back onto their land, to help keep away the rats!!!   Guess what …. it’s working!!!         http://www.foodforest.com.au/fact-sheets/animals/bettongs/



A NERP member is looking for a small chook shed for 3-4 chooks…they will have a large run so they only need somewhere safe to perch at night and lay.

It would be great if you could ask around!  We could pay a bit if we need to…

Contact nerpermaculture @ gmail.com for more details


A NERP member needs a Home for The Mushroom Project.
Have you room for a hothouse?  I am also interested in exploring plant production and I am willing to teach what I know about growing mushrooms.  I have researched this at great length as part of my MSc. studies.

Contact: nerpermaculture @ gmail.com for more details

This request reminded me about a  website I get newsletters from http://tcpermaculture.com/site/.  I really like it.   I like reading what he is up to in it.  It reminds me to go into my garden.  This is one of the article on mushrooms from this website.



Thanks to everyone who has been interested in purchasing free range piggy meat, as a group, in bulk.  Our Piggy coordinator is out of action for a little while but will be in touch with all those who expressed an interest…. yip peeeee

I found this article on Pigs being fed GMOs food.  I thought it was an interesting article and worth a read.   I have taken it from The Permaculture Research Institute.

Website :  http://permaculturenews.org/2013/08/08/this-little-piggy-was-fed-gmos/

Rabbit Group!

The rabbit group are a group of NERPs looking at culling wild rabbits on their own land.  Exploring different techniques and options to solve issues around rabbits.   Catching and Dispatching rabbits are two new skills we are looking at gaining experience in.  Contact nerpermaculture @ gmail.com if you want to join in!


North East Ranges Permaculture
NERP Meetings Calender 2013

 August 18  Aaquaponic systems & unusual fruit trees for Melbourne climates

September 15 Exploring the garden through art expression

October 20  NERP @ Practically Green Festival


December  3B’s Christmas Permablitz Party


Our NERP D asked me to share an update on Bell st  ……

 Council will be considering the 31 formal submissions for the plan next Tuesday 13 August 2013 commencing 7pm.  It is likely that the masterplan will then proceed to the next Council meeting for final adoption.  The report to Council can be viewed here http://www.nillumbik.vic.gov.au/Your_Council/Council_and_Committee_Meetings/Agendas_and_Minutes.  Anyone is welcome to attend the meeting.  Formal submitters have the option of presenting to Council.